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Why is Reliability a Challenge? emoji
Despite so many investments, skilled resources and processes -
Reliability remains elusive. Where do Reliability issues arise from?
01. Design
Systems are plagued with unvalidated architecture, operational flaws with unknown failure points and inherent weaknesses.
02. Code
Code is usually developed with a focus on functionality and not always keeping Reliability and Customer Experience in focus. This is hampered due to lack of deep and early performance/observable insights during development.
03. Test
Testing is complex, silo’d and heavily skills dependent making it slow and expensive without achieving the right outcome. It is seen as a cost center rather than a quality center.
04. Release
Customer Experience and Systems stability do not influence release cadence causing an imbalance between velocity and stability.
05. Observability
Observability is not comprehensive and reactive in nature leading to unmeasured undercurrents impacting customer experience consistently.
06. Incident Response
Incident Response is reactive in nature due to lack of proper knowledge management to address incidents swiftly either manually or through auto-remediation.
How does Watermelon help? emoji
The Watermelon philosophy is to start embedding Reliability practices right at the start of any product
design and development and continually managing Reliability through a data driven approach.
Reliability Thinking, Practices and Enablement need to come together across the entire system lifecycle. Practices such as Autonomous Testing, Chaos Engineering and Error Budgets influence Design, Code, Testing, Releases, Observability and Incident Response leading to highly reliable systems.

Some of these practices have existed forever, the Reliability perspective to these are brought cohesively by Watermelon in the form of a single, no-code platform.
Autonomous Testing
Watermelon provides a no-code testing platform with advanced AI driven capabilities that solve for various testing challenges faced by the industry across Web, Mobile and Desktop applications. It also adds a crucial Reliability flavour into testing by introducing innovative and path-breaking concepts such as Observability Driven Testing.
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Chaos Engineering
Chaos Engineering helps proactively identify weaknesses early in the system lifecycle by injecting failures at various levels and across complex business journeys. Watermelon provides a Chaos Engineering platform like none other with over 150 failure injection scenarios across multiple platform types with auto-correlation against customer experience.
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Error Budgets
A new-age Error Budgeting platform the leverages various data sources such as APM, Log ingestion tools, Databases and API to proactively and seamlessly enable managing systems and business journeys through the lens of Service Level Objectives while providing deep insights, influencing processes and driving user behaviour to achieve higher levels of Reliability.
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Watermelon’s Value Proposition
We enable organizations to transform their Reliability posture by introducing
new-age capabilities through a single, innovative and easy to use platform.
Ease of use
Our ability to simplify complex user interactions into a modern UI coupled with true no-code capabilities delivers an amazing user experience that appeals to both technical and non-technical users.
Ease of licensing
Implementation and adoption of strategic tools are time consuming leading to wasted “license time”. Our licensing starts only when the first application is on-boarded to the Watermelon platform.
Domain agnostic
Reliability is every organization’s necessity and as long as your organization requires software to fuel it’s businesses, we remain hugely relevant in delivering Reliable Digital Systems.
Single platform, No code
Reliability requires multiple technical capabilities to come together and work in harmony. We address the silo’d nature of tools by bringing all critical practices into a single, no-code platform that can be used by various personas.
Real use-cases
Our practitioners and technologists experiences led us to focus first on use-cases that add value and solve real problems for organizations. The features that deliver these use-cases followed.
Been there, done that
While we know what we know, there is plenty to learn as we move forward! We have distilled our years of learnings into the platform that seamlessly influence technology, people and processes alike to transform Reliability.
Who we are
We are practitioners and technologists coming together 
The success of any product or platform could be measured by the ability to implement it quickly, rate of adoption, the use-cases and outcomes it delivers but most importantly the fit-for-purpose within an organization landscape. The Watermelon platform is built purely keeping these factors in mind.

The Watermelon team comprises of practitioners and technologists who bring their true experiences and learnings from real-world enterprises and start-ups into the platform. The Watermelon philosophy wasn’t simply to build features but rather focus on use-cases and then deliver the features to support those use-cases. We strive to continually learn and innovate to deliver the best of class capabilities to make organizations successful by strengthen their Reliability posture.
Meet our founders
Seasoned wizards in the industry
Watermelon was founded by Software Industry veterans Rajeev Vasisht and Harpreet Singh. Rajeev and Harpreet have spent over the past 2 decades solving Reliability problems for large enterprises.

Rajeev has led Technology businesses that helped the largest Enterprises in Asia adopt Reliability, and Harpreet has been a technologist with his latest role as Head of Site Reliability Engineering Practice at one of the World’s Best Banks based in Singapore. The team at Watermelon consists of true practitioners specializing in Engineering, Operations, Testing, Automation and Process Engineering. The team has put their years of learning and experiences into the platform that make it appealing and relevant to most organizations.
Rajeev Vasisht
Rajeev Vasisht
CEO & Co-founder
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh
CTO & Co-founder
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